Datalogic Gryphon I GM4100-HC

Gryphon I GM4100-HC

The Gryphon family represents the premium line of Datalogic ADC’s general purpose handheld data collection products. The Gryphon I GM4100 cordless linear imagers offer the richest feature set among general purpose product offerings. Extremely versatile and durable they are the ultimate solution for applications in healthcare environments where mobility is necessary for improved productivity. Mobile communications also eliminate the restraints caused by cabled devices, providing a safer and more efficient environment for employees.

Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System? is the key to increased productivity and flexibility in the workplace. Batch Mode capability allows more than 1200 codes to be stored in memory. This feature combined with a long lasting 50,000 scans per charge Lithium-Ion battery allows unlimited mobility and reliable data collection when out-of-range from the base station.?

An optional display with a 3-button keypad provides battery status, radio coverage indicator and operator real-time interaction with the host system providing a powerful and unique feature to reduce operator mistakes.

The Gryphon I GBT4100-HC readers include the patented Datalogic ‘Green Spot’ for good read/perfect match feedback, ideal for quiet environments such as bedside patient care where the perfect match feature can offer a simple, additional tool to avoid errors.?

The GD4100-HC models have an industry sealing rating of IP52 to protect sensitive electronic components from contact with dust and liquids. Sanitized plastics offer additional protection from routine cleaning and disinfection from specialized cleaning solutions used by the healthcare industry.


  • Disinfectant-Ready enclosures treated with anti-microbial additives
  • 最快的讀取速度 - 325 次/秒
  • 無線電頻率為 433 MHz 或 910 MHz
  • 無線電射程(露天)在 433 MHz 時高達 30.0 米 / 98.4 英尺,在 910 MHz 時高達 15.0 米 / 49.2 英尺
  • 帶 3 鍵鍵盤的可選顯示屏
  • 點對點和多點傳輸
  • Datalogic 的專利雙方向基座,具有邊掃描邊充電的功能
  • 批處理模式功能(可在存儲器中保存 1200 多個代碼)